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between what i mean and what i really say

[i fall in love with a melody]

alexandra lost.
She is often called Alex. This girl called Alex enjoys theatre in most of its forms a bit too passionately. Alex has been called a free spirit, but really cannot understand why. She has been told she is attracted to depth. She really should stop listening to what others tell her. The girl doesn't eat meat. She makes up for it in chocolate. Alex is not a stereotypical anything. Alex is a dreamer disguised as a realist. She doesn't like leaving home without something to read. Orchids make her smile. Things of consequence are listed under her interests.
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[title of show], acoustic guitars, acting, agnes grey, amy winehouse, andrew lloyd webber, ani difranco, anjani thomas, anti-gonne, anything goes, argentina, art, aurélien merle, bernadette peters, betrayal, blazers, bohemians, cabaret, candide, carol burnett, chocolate, claude rains, coldplay, comedy, company, conjunctive adjectives, demon barbers, donna lynne champlin, donnie darko, drama, edgar allan poe, emily dickenson, england, english teachers, erique claudin, europe, eva cassidy, evita, famous blue raincoats, federico garcia lorca, feist, follies, forbidden broadway, funny girl, gelato, georgie james, grand hotel, grey's anatomy, hair, half masks, hats, hello kitty, hitomi, idina menzel, imogen heap, incense, ingrid michaelson, intelligent conversation, into the woods, ireland, jane austen, jane eyre, jane eyre the musical, jeff buckley, jem, john doyle, k.d. lang, kate nash, kate walsh, l. cohen's longings, la môme, laura burhenn, lauren molina, leonard cohen, les miserables, liberals, literary analysis, literature, long coats, love, love unrequited, madeleine peyroux, manoel felciano, marion cotillard, meatless meats, michael cerveris, mika, modern english, monty python, moulin rouge, mythology, nature, nellie mckay, new york city, next top model, nothing stereotypical, orchids, passionate souls, patti lupone, peronism, persuasion, phantom of the opera, playbills, poetry, psapp, pseudo-intellectualism, regina spektor, republican puppets, rilo kiley, rocky horror picture show, roses with silk ribbons, saki, sarah ramirez, schadenfeude, sense and sensibility, serge gainsbourg, spamalot, speech, stephanie meyer, stephen colbert, stephen sondheim, sunday in the park, sunset blvd., sushi, sweeney todd, the brontës, the cranberries, the devil wears prada, the pipettes, the postal service, the producers, the regency period, the secret garden, the shins, theatre, tofu, tracie thoms, vanessa redgrave, vegetarianism, verbal irony, verse, violinists, w. b. yeats, walter de la mare, wheelbarrows, wicked, wislawa szymborska, yoga, ,